Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jewelry Creators Unite In Numbers!

So, FayeLyn Adornments is honored to be a part of the Jewelry Creators Unite In Numbers guild on Artfire.  Part of what we do as part of the guild is to feature the work of other artisan members on our respective blogs.
Since we're pretty new to the guild, we figured we'd start with some other newbies.

Spring always makes me want to break out all of my insanely bright colors.  This would be perfect!  It's from Creative Hullabaloo

Also, check out this springy little ring from Miss Ladysmith.  How can that not perk up your mood?  Especially when you realize it's on sale.  :) 

And then there's Nature's Gems.  Beautiful, organic designs featuring natural stones and materials, like this Sodalite Flower Necklace.  Fabulous...and it's on sale, too!

How about this one? Knotty Girl Studio's Tanya Arbuckle makes these beautiful pieces that focus on simplicity in color in texture.  I'm in awe.  :)  So beautiful!

And we'll finish up with PersonalD's studio, with amazingly beautiful handmade metalwork

So please, go check out these studios, click around, enjoy shopping.  They're some very talented artisans, and Ally and I are so excited to be joining them in the guild. 

And just for good measure, here's one from the FayeLyn studio:  our Pearl and Crystal Treasure Remembered Necklace.  Enjoy!

Stay Fabulous,
the Lyn in FayeLyn Adornments

Creating The First Post

Hello, fans of FayeLyn Adornments! 

Ally and I have been looking for new ways to get our name out into the world and connect with our fans and customers.  So we thought it would be cool to create a blog, which we can also link to our Artfire studio.  Of course, you can always find us at our original Etsy home:

So be on the lookout for new posts featuring cool, fabulous links and musings on the art of Fabulosity (I love making up new words!) 

Until then, stay Fabulous!

the Lyn in FayeLyn Adornments